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KIIC Overview

Kuwait International Investment Holding Company K.S.C. (Public) (Formerly: Kuwait International Investment Company K.S.C.(Public)) is a Kuwaiti Holding Shareholding Company (Public) registered in State of Kuwait. The Company was incorporated pursuant to an Amiri Decree issued on September 22, 1973, and Memorandum of Incorporation of a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company, authenticated at the Ministry of Justice – Real Estate Registration and Authentication Department in the State of Kuwait under Ref. No. 1008/H/ Volume 2 on September 13, 1973, and its subsequent amendment notarized on the Company’s Commercial Registry on April 26, 2016 pursuant to it the Company’s Memorandum of Incorporation was amended as follows:

Amending the first article of the Articles of Association:

Changing the Company’s legal structure from a Kuwaiti Public Shareholding Company to a Kuwaiti Public Holding Company under the name of “Kuwait International Investment Holding Company K.S.C. (Public)”. Effectively, after decreasing the share capital by writing-off the remaining full amount of accumulated losses, the New Share Capital of the Company will be KD 1,146,255.

Amending article No. (6) of the Articles of Association and article No. (5) of the Memorandum of Incorporation to increase the Company’s share capital from KD 1,146,255 to KD 2,146,255 through a cash increase of KD 1,000,000, distributed over 21,462,550 shares of Fils 100 each.
Amending the first article of the Articles of Association:
The Company’s activities were amended to be as follows:
  1. Managing the Company’s subsidiaries and participating in managing other companies in which it holds ownership stakes and providing necessary support thereto.
  2. Investing funds through trading in shares, bonds and other financial securities.
  3. Acquisition of properties and movables necessary to carry out business activities as allowable by the Law.
  4. Financing and extending loans to investee companies and providing guarantees to third parties, provided that the ownership of the Company is not less than 20% in the lending company.
  5. Acquisition of industrial rights and related intellectual properties, trademarks, industrial models, franchises and other rights, and renting such properties and rights to subsidiaries and other companies, inside State of Kuwait or abroad.

The Company has the right to carry out its activities inside Kuwait or abroad whether directly or through power of attorney, the Company is authorized to have interest in or participate with any party or institution carrying out similar activities or those parties who will assist the company in achieving its objectives whether in Kuwait or abroad. The Company has the right to establish, participate in or acquire such institutions.

KIIC strategy is based on the principle of diversification and this includes various investment products that produce efficient balance between risk boundaries and returns. Apart from its products utilization, KIIC set aside its highly-qualified personnel, experienced in the field of investments in general and particularly in the assets management.

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